JAPAN BLUE JEANS standard series "CALIF",

that is image of a beach on the west coast of the United States.

Each pair is damaged or remake processed

by artisan's hand in Kojima, Okayama.

Each pieces have own feels so you might want

some pairs in different designs.

   SS22 CALIF. Colection  




Japan Blue Jeans standard series "CALIF."

All models are named after cities and beaches in California.

We apply cloth the back (inside) of remake parts to prevent

the damage from spreading. This also helps to prevent

showing the bare skin from the damaged parts.

We of course aimed the comfortability when you wear jeans

even though there is cloth inside.


"Hemosa" has a unique blue color that is rarely seen elsewhere.

After damage process, they are bio-eco-bleached several times

and then over dyed with a blue-gray color.









J7029J03 Sashiko Coverall
Color: SK5 / Size: M

J8717HM CALIF. Tapered Hemosa                                                        
Color: HM / Size: S

*The model is 176cm/ 56kg

You can enjoy the ice blue color that remains in almost white.

This color is created by bleaching many times

after damage process to fade the color to the limit.









J399431 SHIN-DENIM Tailored Denim Jacket                                       
Color: BL / Size: M

J443952 Côte d'Ivoire cotton Tshirt (Calif.)
Color: WHT / Size: M

J8717CA CALIF. Tapered Carmel
Color: CA / Size: S

*The model is 176cm/ 56kg

The "Malibu" is gave used-process that is

patchworked of five different types of denim,

which is inspired by repairing jeans worn for many years.

You can enjoy the aging (fading) of different color of denims.









JJK0013M25 Denim Bomber Jacket
Color: ID / Size: M

J6740J01 Hard Inlay
Color: OD / Size: M

J8717MB CALIF. Tapered Malibu                                                                      
Color: MB / Size: S

*The model is 176cm/ 56kg

KOJIMA, Okayama has developed as a "textile industry area" since Edo period.

The processed jeans " CALIF. " are made in KOJIMA, world-class denim production town.

We hope you will try them!

   SS22 CALIF. Colection