Jack Wolfskin Bike Commute Mono Jacket Review

The Jack Wolfskin Bike Commute Mono rain jacket is a sturdy rain layer for riding in downpours.
jack wolfskin bike commute mono jacket

There’s a lot of value in a good rain jacket. If you happen to keep pedaling during downpours, having the right technology that allows you to push out stuffy body heat and bring cool air in is at the top of the list.

The Jack Wolfskin Bike Commute Mono rain jacket has been a great choice for the unusually rainy spring in Colorado and elsewhere. For those who aren’t familiar with Jack Wolfskin, the brand is fairly new to the U.S., but at a tradeshow this spring, someone from the brand described it as the Patagonia of Europe.

On their U.S. site, the brand has mostly apparel with some bike-specific gear like the Bike Commute rain jacket, but on the international site, there’s everything from hiking shoes, hip and hydration packs, and bikepacking gear. Some of the gear looks pretty awesome, so we’ll have to hope it makes its way to CONUS.

Reviewer profile height: 173cm (5’8″) weight: 75kg (170lb) testing zone: Colorado Front Range

Jack Wolfskin’s Bike Commute Mono jacket is a 3-layer wind and waterproof jacket made from recycled polyester monofilament yarn, which, the brand adds “means the entire jacket can be recycled.” It’s nice to know, but I’ll bet the average consumer has no idea how to recycle their rain jacket. Hell, a lot of people don’t have a good understanding on what goes into single stream recycling. Otherwise the fabrics are 100% polyester.

Other features on the zip-down jacket include reflective stripes on the bottom of the sleeves and a weatherproof pocket on the rear of the jacket.

In the rain

I’ve had the Jack Wolfskin jacket for a few months and this spring it has been raining harder than I can remember in a while. I’m 5’8″ and about 170lb and the size medium was a perfect fit. It’s a little roomy if you want a slightly thicker shirt under it, but not too baggy.

jack wolfskin bike commute mono jacket, back side

There’s only one color too for each sex. Men get this khaki color called grey olive and women get a pinkish tone called quail. Though you could of course buy whatever you want, however I’m not sure how the sizing crosses over.

There’s a drop tail in the rear for extra coverage and the sleeves roll up to hide the reflective stripes if you wish to be more stealthy. The waist cinches up as does the hood, and the storm-proof zippers glide like penguins on ice. There’s enough room in the rear pocket of the jacket to fit a phone, wallet, and keys… and probably snacks too. It’s quite easy to access while wearing the jacket.

Under movement, I found the Bike Commute Mono can get warm — not surprising, most rain jackets do — but it doesn’t feel like a sweat box. The jacket vents well, but unfortunately the only vents are on the upper back. If you’ve got a pack on, you’ll want to open up that front zipper.

This really is a full-duty rain jacket too and considering that, it’s still pretty light, but there are certainly lighter rain jackets that are more easily packable out there. If you’re heading out for a big ride with the jacket and there are chances of both rain and sun, you’ll want a full-size backpack to stuff this jacket into when the sun comes out.

Pros and cons of the Jack Wolfskin Bike Commute Mono rain jacket


  • Great fit and function
  • Nice, timeless looks
  • Weatherproof rear pocket
  • Robust jacket for heavy rain


  • Minimal vents, could use some in sleeves or front
  • Hard to pack
  • Expensive

Bottom line

Jack Wolfskin’s Bike Commute Mono rain jacket is a full-duty water and windproof jacket with good movement and decent breathability for riders who spend a lot of time in the rain.

  • Price: $350
  • Buy from us.jackwolfskin.com

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